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Brad Stricklin

Brad Stricklin, Owner — Brad has spent most of his life in the Tyler area and graduated from Robert E. Lee High School. Brad also graduated from college in Waco. Brad started building in mid 1990 and incorporated in 1999. Brad believes in continuing education to keep up with the changing times, and has attended numerous classes held by the National Association of Home Builders as well as other organizations. He is a member of the Tyler Area Builders Association, Texas Builders Association, National Association of Home Builders and the Better Business Bureau. Building a safe, defect-free home is his main goal on every job. Brad believes in customer satisfaction as well as high-quality craftsmanship.

Office Staff

Melinda Rook — Melinda has more than eight construction experience. She's responsible for all interior and exterior design on spec homes, handles all bookkeeping and office duties, and assists customers with their needs.

Building a Solid History

Brad Stricklin stumbled upon his destiny when he bought his very first home shortly after graduating from college. The ‘fixer-upper’ required a little work, and soon Brad's remodeling efforts were evolving into complex and involved projects.

Not only did he enjoy the work, Brad also discovered a previously unrealized talent. Today, Brad is president of Stricklin Homes, Inc. a member of the Tyler Area Builders' Association, The Texas Association of Home Builders, and the National Association of Home Builders as well as the Better Business Bureau and the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce.

According to Brad, “It all started when I decided to build a house myself.” The builder still had to secure the funds necessary to begin the project, and he eventually called on a friend's father, fellow contractor Rex Matthews for help. Matthews not only signed on Brad's behalf, thereby securing the bank's support, but also took his place as a mentor for the novice builder. The premier project was completed successfully, and Brad had embarked upon a career that integrated his natural ability and talent with his unique approach to business and customer service.

Over the years, Brad has participated in every aspect of the construction of his unique homes. Working alongside his crews, Brad has garnered the sort of real world education that only first hand experience can teach. He is a constant presence on the job site, visiting each home at least twice a day while it's being built. Furthermore, Brad religiously attends every educational seminar or class he can, and his commitment to maintaining a current practical knowledge of building practices and policies ensures that his clients are not just getting a beautifully designed, state-of-the-art home, but also safe home that satisfies current codes and building regulations. “Some codes may seem like overkill, but they are designed to protect the safety of the homeowners,” explains Brad, who regardless of site location builds according to the regulations specified by the International Building Code.

Perhaps his rustic building style reflects more than a visual aesthetic, because Brad is an avid outdoorsman. He frequently travels to the coast to go deep sea fishing and scuba diving. One of his favorite homes is located in Pecan Valley, and its rustic style recalls afternoons spent outdoors. While he has a lot of hobbies outside of work, Brad really never stops thinking about ways to improve himself as a builder. He regularly attends classes and seminars, and tries to connect with his customers on a personal level. “Their home is often their biggest investment, and I want them to be happy when it's finished.”

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