Steps to Building a Home

New Construction Homes From Start to Finish

This is the most important step, because it’s when you figure out all the elements of your dream home and get them on paper. Stricklin Homes, Inc. can help with ideas for home design in East Texas, and we work closely with a local design firm that can create your house plans.

Clear land as needed, then level the home site. Clear septic system site if your new construction will include one and complete dirt work. Our concrete contractors build temporary forms, dig holes and trenches and install footings. Plumbers and electricians install lines, then your foundation is poured. Inspectors often visit before you move on to the next step of construction.

The framing crew constructs walls, and within days you see your new construction home’s rooms emerge. Framers install OSB or plywood to the exterior, frame in doors and windows and cover everything in plastic sheathing that acts as a moisture barrier. A decking crew decks your roof and covers it with a waterproof underlayment. Inspectors check framing.

As the framing crew finishes up, plumbing, electrical, and heating and cooling contractors move in.  Plumbers connect exterior spigots, bathrooms and kitchens to water and drains. They also run gas lines. HVAC techs install vents and electricians place outlets and lights where you request. Inspectors check each component when contractors finish.

Stricklin Homes, Inc. builds homes that are extremely energy-efficient. Part of how we do so is by installing high R-value insulation that keeps your utility bills low and your home comfortable. You get an effective air barrier in walls, attics, floors, crawl spaces, ceilings and basements.

Sheet-rockers hang dry wall, tape joints and apply texture. Painters apply a coat of primer.

Outside, crews install your brick, stone, siding and other finishes. Inside, the trim crew installs decorative trim. Our cabinet contractor installs kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities and built-ins to other areas of your home. Walls get paint and/or wallpaper.

Contractors install your kitchen countertops, tile or other hard surface floors and tile bathroom features. At the same time, this is often when we do finish grading and add driveways and walkways.

The plumber, electrician and HVAC pros come back and finish what they started. They’ll install kitchen and bathroom fixtures so you have a toilet that flushes, a dishwasher that functions, and sinks that run and drain. They’ll set your indoor and outdoor HVAC units and connect them to power. Electricians install the light fixtures you chose and hook up plugs and switches.

Crews wait until the very end to install anything that can be broken, stained or scratched. Now your new construction home gets shower doors, bathroom mirrors, carpet and landscaping.